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    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training
  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Yoga Teachers Training

  • Yoga Teachers Training

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Himalayan Yoga Teachers Training Course


Welcome to Yogada

Namaste  & Welcome to Yogada Ashram in the Himalayas providing yoga and meditation training to new and experienced yoga teachers in Rishikesh. We are  a unique Ashram style Institution with Guru Shishya Parampara (tradition) with ethnically designed  Ashram on the Banks of the holy Ganga river in the Himalayas, where we all learn amidst pure nature.


Yoga – The time tested Ancient Indian science for  Body, Mind & Soul took birth in these part of Himalayas  several thousand years ago and has been passed from a lineage of sages orally and in various written texts such as Veda, Upanishads, Patanjali Yog Sutra, Gherand Samhita, Hath Yog Pradeepika etc.

Yoga not only brings us back to the rhythm of nature: Triguna and Pancha Mahabhuta (the 5 elements)  leads to elevate our soul and help us evolve to higher state of physical & mental level.

After working & exploring for two decades Yogada bring you this ancient Knowledge in the purest & primitive form and give you the most Authentic & Rare learning experience amidst pure nature in the Himalayas, - the birth place of yoga.


Our Teachers Training Course not only give you the  firsthand knowledge of the this tradition,  but guide you to perfect health & making you  fit and bring you in sync with the universe through rare techniques, so that your teachings can carry forward this ancient tradition in its original & purest form. 


Creating Teachers as Authentic as Yoga itself

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Teachers Training Courses

Our Teachers training courses are very unique as they are conducted  amidst pure nature at Himalayan Foothills near the birth place of ancient Indian Science of Yog. Other than the course, special Emphasis is given to healthy living amidst nature & hygienic & healthy organic food. 


Our Teachers Training Courses are also unique as we use the most highly qualified teachers in the country, who have been busy in their studies till now and have started reflecting very recently.


Our Teachers Training Courses are also unique as we teach and practice the time tested traditional knowledge only,  as well as  teach  the unknown dimensions of yogic science: Practicing the new dimensions of yogic science all our courses start with your Yogic Diagnosis as per the ancient traditional practices,  on one to one basis. You will be asked and watched to surface your Doshas (irregularity) through your behavioral and eating habits.  Once diagnosed your living throughout the course will be based on your body type giving you a complete practical firsthand Knowledge of changing & rejuvenating yourself, so that you can change others once you become a teacher yourself.


Our Courses

200 Hours  Yoga Teachers Training Courses : 29 Days course inclusive of boarding and lodging at Yogada – An Ashram Style Yoga & wellness  Retreat in the Himalayas, on the banks of the holy Ganges.


Certification: All the seekers completing the course will be awarded Certificate by  a team of rare and highly qualified teachers, scientists, trainers & healers in the entire country with 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Certificate from Yogada – in the Himalayas – Certified YTTC 200 hours School from Yoga Alliance USA as well as Yoga Alliance Canada

On the basis of this certificate one can register him/herself with Yoga Alliance USA.


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The teachers are Certified for Yoga Alliance USA 500 hours Teachers training & member of International Yoga therapist and are   SYT (Senior Yoga Teachers) at Yoga Alliance UK & Canada.


Yoga Teacher Training Eligibility

① Any Indian or foreigner who has interest in learning ancient traditional yoga and its applied Science, with the ability to follow the instructions and lectures in English.

②   The applicant's age should be between 18 to 60 years age at the time of admission.

  The applicant should be in a good physical condition because we have a very busy schedule with at least 8 to 9 hours daily.



Cost of Yoga TTC 200 Hours

Following  Options are available according to your staying preferences. The Classes, food and excursions are same, and together with every one, only the accommodation changes.


Option A – Economy - On Triple  Sharing Basis

When you share the  Room (Non Air conditioned) with two  more seekers USD 999 Per Person


Option B – Standard - On Twin  Sharing Basis –

When you share the  Big Room ( Non Air Conditioned)  with One  more seekers – USD 1399 Per Person


Option C – Deluxe - On Twin Sharing Basis –

When you share the Air Conditioned  Cottage   with One  more seeker – USD 1599 Per Person


  Option d Super Deluxe - On Single Occupancy Basis. 

  When you Have the Cottage  on your own  USD 1799 Per Person


The YTTC 200 hours Package Cost Includes:

1.         Comfortable accommodation for 28 Nights in ethnically designed rooms in Yogada as per the option taken .

All the rooms are full of  light, air and  with fans, Proper electricity and attached bath with hot water 24 x 7.

2.     All vegetarian Organic meals during the entire course.

                   Morning Herbal Tea, Breakfast, Yogic Lunch , Evening tea with Snacks, Dinner.

                   Use of filtered mountain spring water for drinking.

3.      YTTC 200 as per the syllabus.

                   With Note Book, Reference book & Course Material.

4.     Weekly excursions to vibrant places in the area.

                    Visit to the Ashram  &  Ghats for Exclusive Ganga Arti ( Prayer with Rituals) with transportation and Guide.

                    Trekking trip to Kunja puri Goddess with mediation on the mountain top  with transportation and Guide.

                    Rafting on the water of wisdom – Half day Rafting trip on the Ganges with transportation and Guide.

                    Visit to Vasistha Goofa, the ancient cave where famous saint Vasistha Meditated. with transportation and Guide.

                    Village walks to the nearby village with Guides.

 5.  Certification after the completion of the program.

           200 hours YTTC Completion certificate as per the International Yoga Alliance  , USA .

 6. Special Activities in the Ashram Retreat

     Shudhi Session – Sacred fire for body & mind cleansing as per the Vedic style.

Hawan – Sacred fire for invocation of representative deities of five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air &   Ether   to purify Body, Mind & Soul.

Personal One to one Session with Guru yogi / Ayurveda Doctor  to identifying your body type and doshas, defining your activities and meals as per Your body type.

7.  Additional Activities during the course.

     Cooking Classes: Indian & Ayurveda Cooking class

         Keertan – Chanting of mantras.


The cost Does not Include:

1.        Travel to & from Yogada. Our associate travel co. will be happy to arrange the same on best rates as per your requirements.

Please mail to – Garhwal Himalayan Explorations Pvt. Ltd.   E Mail: Info@rishikesh.in

2.       Items of personal nature e.g. laundry, tabled drinks, travel & medical insurance, services in unforeseen circumstances.


All the above costs:

1.      Are Subject to Goverment. Taxes of 12 %


For Course details & availability please email with your month of attending the course.

E Mail ---  yogadahimalaya@gmail.com        &  yogada@rishikesh.in





Teachers Training Program YTTC 200  Hours  2016- 17

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Date of Beginning of Course.

Status of Booking

October   – 2016

3rd   October  2016

Open for Booking

November    – 2016

3rd   November   2016

Open for booking

December – 2016

3rd December 2016

Open for Booking




January – 2017

1st January 2017

Open for Booking

February – 2017

1st February 2017

Open for Booking

March – 2017

1st March 2017

Open for Booking

April – 2017

1st April 2017

Open for booking

May – 2017

1st May 2017

Open for Booking

June – 2017

1st  June 2017

Open for Booking

July – 2017

1st  July 2017


August – 2017

1St August


September – 2017

1st September 2017

Open for Booking

October – 2017

1st October 2017

Open for Booking

November – 2017

1st November 2017

Open for Booking

December – 2017

1st December 2017

Open for Booking


Yogada In the Himalayas – A Sattya Yoga Retreat

Yogada in the Himalayas is 10 kms up river from Tapovan ( Rishikesh). Situated on the banks of Ganga & spread over a big green area at the base of lower Himalayan foothills, yogada promises

 highest quality of living and learning atmosphere.

Comfortable accommodation is provided in ethnically made cottages were luxury is blended with nature. All the living cottages are vibrated,
energized & balanced before your arrival
to give you maximum impact in your learning & rejuvenation. Yogada is surrounded by reserve forest areas giving you a chance to live & learn amidst nature.

The sound of roaring Ganga, singing of birds and huge green area makes yogada the best and ideal venue for spiritual practices.


Accommodation:  14  Air conditioned cottages & 03 executive room  units spread over a big green area offer clean and comfortable accommodation to the guests. Bathrooms are attached with running hot & Coldwater. Comfortable beds with top quality linen are used to make the stay a memorable one.

Luxury Blended with Nature – Just Pure Nature & You

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Accommodation in traditionally designed cottages & Rooms

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Meals: Home grown organic Himalayan food served in in local mountain style,  giving  you the real rich taste of India.

Most of our raw food comes from the villages from high Himalaya, where use of chemicals, pesticides and artificial manure is not practiced till date. Yogada Kitchen gives you first hand encounter with authentic Himalayan food. All the food is selected by the yoga master as per the guest's body type.

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Yoga practicing areas :  With Big green areas for spiritual practices yogada has  beautifully designed yoga halls overlooking the mountains with sound of the river Ganga deepening  your experience of diving deep within yourself.

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Ayurveda:  Yoagda has a Ayurveda treatment center with Massage rooms . Some of the best Ayurvedic doctors in the area visit  Yogada  providing Ayurveda Massages, Panch Karma & Treatments.  Our Yoga Masters also help you recognize yourself as per your Body type which will help you lead a healthy life.

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Recreation: Daily camp fires, recreation rooms, swimming pool,  Jungle & village walks , sunrise and sun set trips to see the Greater Himalayan Peaks, cooking  classes, exciting rafting runs on add on to your spiritual experience at Yogada.

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Relaxation: Yogada has great outdoor & indoor relaxing areas to connect you with nature.

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Above all the team Yogada will go out way to prove the point of being the best in the area giving you the best training/ wellness experiences and great value of money.

Come & Explore the new world of great combination of spiritualism & wellness.




Your Travel to Rishkesh & Yogada in the Himalayas


Your International flight will come to New Delhi, the captital of India.

You may travel from Delhi to Yoagda with following 03 options.

Fly: Deharund Airport is also the Airport for Rishikesh and is only 20 minutes drive from Dehradun Aiport. You can book your flight from Delhi to Dehradun. We shall be happy to send the car to pick you  you up Dehradun Airport and bring you to Yogada.

Medium Car -  AC  INR 1199 per car

Medium Luxury car – INR  AC – 1499 Per Car

Large Car – Toyota Innova – AC – INR 1799 Per Car    

The above cost is per car and can be divided among the number of persons traveling. The cost is also inclusive of Parking, Toll & taxes on the way etc.

We Shall be happy to book your Flight &  E mail you the Ticket, in case you find it difficult to book it yourself.


Surface: You can drive from Delhi Airport  to  Rishikesh which is 231 Kms & takes 6 hours.  We shall be happy to arrange the  car from here, who will meet you at the Exit gate of the Airport with a plaqard of your name & bring you to Rishikesh & to Yogada.  There are following options of the car.

Medium Car -  AC  INR 4999 per car

Medium Luxury car – INR  AC – 5999 Per Car

Large Car – Toyota Innova – AC – INR 6999 Per Car    

The above cost is per car and can be divided among the  number of persons traveling . The cost is also inclusive of Parking , Toll & taxes on the way etc.

We shall be to send our car to pick you up from New Delhi Airport. 


Train :  You can also take a train from New Delhi Train Station to Haridwar ( A bigger town which is 24 Kms far from Rishikesh & is 45 minutes drive). From Haridwar we can provide you arrivla transfer by car to Rishikesh . There are following options of the car.

Medium Car -  AC  INR 1199 per car

Medium Luxury car – INR  AC – 1499 Per Car

Large Car – Toyota Innova – AC – INR 1999 Per Car    

he above cost is per car and can be devided among the  number of persons traveling . The cost is also inclusive of Parking , Toll & taxes on the way etc.

We Shall be happy to book your Electronic Train Ticket in case you find it difficult to book.


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YTTC 200-300 Hours


Learning - Wellbeing - Evolution of Wisdom & Soul
with some of the best yoga teachers in India

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200-300 Hours Special Certified
Yoga Teachers Training Course

Yogada - Ashram in the Himalayas

For Details Email : yogada@rishikesh.in



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