Best Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India in 2024-25

Atam Ananda: Bliss & Pure Bliss

Atam Ananda: A very well planned step by step retreat starting with body & mind and taking you beyond both, to a new world with in you to experience bliss & ecstasy. Where you are who you are and what you are in your 5th Dimension of space. Where every thing else is just irrelevant and you keep going with all that is real: You.

The Atam Ananda & Param Ananda Retreat goes through the following stages.

MUD: For initial 3 days we work with your body with Soft Asana sessions, Ayurveda Massages & special treatments to enjoy bodily pleasures. You are made to rest & sleep with delicious Himalayan cuisine where you feel full of body & sensual pleasures.
At this time you are ready to leave the mud.
A lotus bud is about to emerge from the Body.

LOTUS: The next 3 days we work with your mind with special mediation sessions. There are rare breathing techniques to make you thought less and emptying your mind and be content less. Special morning sessions in the adjacent reserve forests & evening sessions on the crystal clear silver sand beaches to let you blossom.
You are restricted for Body & sensual pleasures.
You are like a lotus flower in Blossom.
You are beyond the body & mind now.

Fragrance: Last 3 days you are free now like a fragrance. There is no time and activity frame. You will move like a fragrance and spend the time without a time frame and will be free to opt walks, yoga sessions, however meditation sessions will be there in the morning & the evening to

Fingers & Moon: we will be using many techniques like we use fingers to show you the moon. Once you have seen the moon the fingers become irrelevant. The same way once you have attained the bliss, ecstasy our techniques will become irrelevant as well. You will have path of your own to follow for rest of the life.

Best Wellness retreats in Rishikesh India are at Yogada in the Himalayas, which are amalgamation of rare traditional Indian techniques , Himalayan Yoga & Ayurveda at their birth place the Himalayas.

2024-25 best Wellness Retreats in India are in Rishikesh at Yogada Ashram retreat come with special affordable discounted prices to transform you to a higher state of being to create a romance with life and reach the highest state of being as a human.

Come & Join Atam Ananda to enter the a new space of your’ s in this universe.

Best Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh in 2024-25 at Yogada Ashram Retreat comes as per the following details.

Atam Ananda: Bliss with in

Atam Ananda 9 Nights & 10 Days : 2024-25 Best Recommended Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh India
Arrive any time in the morning before lunch & Depart late evening the 10th day.

The Value packed packages are inclusive of :

# Accommodation:
Overnight Stay in ethnically designed Air Conditioned COSY cottages with attached bathrooms with running hot Water, Comfortable beds and top quality linen. 9 Nights.

# Meals:
All meals during the stay (09 Breakfast + 10 Lunches + 9 Dinners).(Organically grown in the high Himalayas and hygienically cooked and spiritually vibrated)
Morning & evening Herbal teas with unlimited use of pure spring mineral water.
Evening tea & Snacks.

# Activities:
Traditional Himalayan welcome with signature Drink.
Sacred cleansing fire in the evening as per the Vedic traditions.
Special evening Kundalini Initiation with Shakti Pad & exclusive meditation.

Activities & Sessions as per the specific program.

Early morning contemplating Nature walks & meditation in the surrounding reserve forests & the crystal clear silver sand beaches of the area.
Use of Gaurikund: Pool with fresh stream water.

# Complimentary Excursions:
Visit to Vashistha Goofa (Cave) for special meditation.
Visit to Muni Ki Reti Ghats to experience the exclusive evening prayer.
Visit to Kunjapuri temple , one of the most importnet 13 Goddesses in the foothills of the Himalayas to Experience
the feminine energy & meditate with 360-degree view of the Himalayas with snow covered peaks.

Package Cost: Atam Ananda: Bliss with in
Special offers for 2024-25

Accommodation Option  Cost in USD
For Foreign Nationals
Cost in INR
For Indian Nationals
Twin Share COSY Cottages 1699 1,26,999

12 %

Single Occupancy COSY Cottages 1999 1,46,999


Single Occupancy Luxe Cottages 2399 179,999


Yogada – In the Himalayas

An Ashram Retreat at the base of the Himalayan foothills on the banks of the holy Ganges,   little upriver from Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga.  Sattya Yoga – a unique brand of knowledge conceived by the yogis in the Himalayas for centuries,  is practiced here to uplift one’s self to experience pure wellness and bliss.

Come and explore a new world within ….

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