Know Your Body

Anatomy – The Medical Science way
The Comic Body – Deeper Understanding of Prana & Cosmic body


Know your Body – Ayurveda Way 

Understanding Doshas and how Yoga can help to cure doshas.

3  Know the Rituals –

Hawan & Cleansing Rituals as per vedic Knowledge with knowledge and recitation of different mantras for different god & Goddess / Occasions.


 Know the Mantras –

Detailed descriptions of Mantra and study of their effects on Body, Mind & Soul.

       5  Cleansing – Study & practice of different cleansing Kriyas ( techniques)

 Asana :

A:  A detailed study Knowing and practicing the Asana the Hatha Way – The Authentic and traditional way.
B:  Vinyasa : Introduction and practice of Asana the vinyasa flow way.

7  Pranayama – Detailed study and practice of different Pranayamas
8  Meditation – Practice of different meditation techniques.
9  Mudras & Bandhas – Physical Gestures & Closures – Study and practice of Mudras
10  Yogic Philosophy – Detailed study of Primitive Yoga philosophy in today’s context
11  Know your Books: Study on the different knowledge available in the books detailed study of Hath Yog Pradipika.
12  Practicum. 
13  Indian Classical Music Tutorials 
14  Sessions on Indian Yogic Food Cooking.
15  Spiritual Discourses on Ancient Indian Knowledge of Wisdom – Vedas with important Gurus in the areas.
16  Visit/ Excursions/ trekking to vibrated places, temples and ashrams. 
17  Starting & Preparing for the day. 
18  The Himalayan Healing Touch.
19  Deeper Dimension of Yoga

1. Know Your Body :

Anatomy Sessions: Anatomy of Human Body will be explained in details to know a different part of our body in order to understand the impact of different Asanas, pranayama & meditation covering the following areas.

1. Respiratory System 4. Excretory System
2. Digestive System 5. Skeletal System
3. Endocrine System 6. Circulatory System

Cosmic Body: Detailed study of understanding & purifying the cosmic body in order cure the physical body & Mind.

2. Know Your Body Doshas as per the Ayurveda – the ancient Indian system of Medicine.

Ayurveda Sessions:
Lecture: One lecture on Ayurveda about different body types and remedies.
One – Personalized Session with Ayurveda Charya/ doctor to Know your body type to understand doshas.

3. Know the Rituals :

Every week – Cleansing rituals for mind, body & Five elements ( As per the ancient Vedic Knowledge we are made of five elements). Hawan and other rituals are performed to cleanse the Body Aura, & ambience.

4. Know the Mantras :

5.Cleansing: Practice & detailed study of cleansing

1. Jal Neti 4. Kapal Bhati
2. Sutra Neti 5. Agnisara
3. Dhauti 6. Tratak

6. Asanas: Hatha Yoga

Practice following 60 Asanas with detailed study of benefits and side effects

1 Dhulmul Asana – Activation of Naval.  37. Simhasan – Lion Pose
 2. Makara Asana – Active  38. Ardhmatsyendrasan – Half Fish Lord Pose
 3. Tadasan A & B – Palm Tree Pose A & B  39. Shirshasan – Head Stand Pose
 4. Vrikshasan – Tree Pose  40. Ardha Chandrasan – Half Moon Pose
 5. Utkatasan – Chair Pose  41. Majariasana – Cat and Cow Pose
 6. Trikonasan – Triangle Pose  42. Uthitha Parsvakonasan – Extended Side Angle
 7. Padahastasan – Hands to Feet Pose  43. Parshvaottanasana – Intense Side Stretch
 8. Garudhasan – Eagle Pose  44. Halasana – Plow Pose
 9. Natarajasan – Shiva Dancing Pose  45. Chakrasana – Wheel Pose
 10. Shirsha Padangushthasan – Head to Big Toe Pose  46. Karnpidhasan – Knee to Ear
 11. Parivartit Trikonasan – Reverse Triangle Pose  47. Crocodile Practices (4 Variations)
 12. Uttanpadasan – Raising Feet Pose  48. Yoga Mudra B
 13. Ardha Pavanmuktasan – Half Gas Release Pose  49. Gomukhasana – Cow Face Pose
 14. Pavanmuktasan – Gas Release Pose  50. Poorna Matsyendrasana – Full Fish Lord Pose
 15. Viprit Karani –  51. Mayurasana – Peacock
 16. Kandhrasan – Shoulder Pose  52. Kukkutasana – Rooster Pose
 17. Setubandhasan – Bridge Pose  53. Uttana Kurmasana – Raising Tortoise Pose
 18. Matsyasan A – Fish Pose A  54. Padma – Bakasana – Lotus Crane Pose
 19. Naukasan – Boat Pose  55. Baddha -padmasana – Bound Lotus Pose
 20. Sarvangasan – Shoulder Stand  56. Akarnadhanurasana – Archer Pose
 21. Matsyasan B – Fish Pose B  57. Ugrasana – Ferocious Pose
 22. Salabhasan – Locust Pose  58. Parvatasana – Mountain Pose
 23. Viprit Naukasan – Inverted Boat Pose  59. Tolangulasana – Scale Pose
 24. Bhujangasan – Cobra Pose  60. Virasana – Hero Pose
 25. Dhanurasan – Bow Pose    
 26. Vakrasan – Twisting Pose    
 27. Janushirasan – Nose to Knee Pose    
 28. Vajrasan – Strong/Thunderbolt Pose    
 29. Mandukasan – Frog Pose    
 30. Uttan Mandukasan – Raising Frog Pose    
 31. Supta Mandukasan – Sleeping Frog Pose    
 32. Ushtrasan – Camel Pose    
 33. Yoga Mudra A    
 34. Vadha Gomukhasan – Bound Cow Face Pose    
 35. Supta Vajrasan – Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose    
 36. Paschimottasan – Seated Forward Bend  
  1. Pranayama: Detailed experienced based study and practice of different pranayama with effects on the physical and Cosmic Body.
1. Bharstika 5. Bhramari
2. Brahmari 6. Surya Bhedan
3. Ujjayi 7. Chandra Bhedan
4. Sitali 8. Anulom Vilom

8. Meditation: Experience based study of Different Meditation techniques & their effects on Physical Body, Mind & Cosmic Body.

 9.Mudra & Bandh

     Hasta Mudras

 1. Anjali Mudra Dhyana Mudra Psychic gesture of Meditation
 2. Vāyu Mudra Psychic gesture of air
 3. Shunya Mudra Psychic gesture of void or empty
 4. Prithvi Mudra Psychic gesture of earth
 5. Varuna Mudra Psychic gesture of Rain
 6. Shakti Mudra Psychic gesture of Power
 7. Apāna Mudra Psychic gesture of life force
 8. Gyana Mudra Psychic gesture of knowledge
 9. Chin Mudra Psychic gesture of consciousness
 10. Yoni Mudra Attitude of the womb or source
 11. Bhairav Mudra Fierce or terrifying attitude
 12. Hridaya Mudra Heart gesture


Man Mudra

1. Shambhavi Mudra Eyebrow Centre gazing
2. Nasikagra Drishti Nosetip gazing
3. Khecarī mudrā Tongue lock

   Bandhs: Detailed practice of Bandha with their effects on Cosmic body and purifications

1. Mool Bandh
2. Udyan Bandha
3. Jalandhar Bandh

 10. Yogic Philosophy

Patanjali Yog Sutras
Significance & Explanation of Om – The Mantra of the Universe – A detailed and rare study
Pantanjali’s Concepts of Ashtanga ( eight Limbed )   Yoga
Introduction to Hatha Yoga
Concepts of Panch Vritti
Concepts of Panch Klesha
Description of Eight Limbs Yoga
Description of Kriya Yoga

 11. Know your Books:

Study & selection of books which can be used as reference books in future for teaching purpose.

Detailed Study of the Yoga Book – Hath Yoga Pradipika

 12. Practicum: Practice of handling & teaching classes

1. Different Technique for planning successful classes.
2. Art of Demonstration & techniques
3. Art of Instructional  Techniques
4. Styles & Techniques of Making of Interacting and interesting classes.
5. Science & Art of Use of music & mantra s for the effective classes.
 13. Indian Classical Music Tutorials. *
 14. Sessions on Indian Yogic Food Cooking.
 15. Spiritual Discourses on Ancient Indian Knowledge of Wisdom – Vedas with important Gurus in the areas.



Visit/ Excursions/ trekking to vibrated places, temples and ashrams.

We will be making excursions to the vibrated areas in the area every Saturday.

Visit to the Ganga Ghats for special Ganga Arti and to encounter the life on the banks of the holy mother Ganges.

Visit to Kunjapuri – Drive and trek to the famous Shakti ( the feminine energy in all of us) for special meditation.

Visit toVasistha Goofa – The ancient cave on the Banks of the Ganga where many Rishis & Saints have been meditating from the time immemorial.

Village visit to the ancient temple of lord Shiva & temple of Jayanta Puri in the area.

17. Starting the Day: Every day early morning soft trek  to the adjacent reserve forest & beach area – the home of many Ayurveda herbs and the birth place of Yoga.


18. The Himalayan Healing Touch: One Ayurveda Massage with rare herbs to experience the pure wellness.

Address to Deeper Dimensions of Yog

Special Sessions to address the deeper dimensions of yoga, Conscounes, your true self & soul.

*As  per the schedule fixed by the Ashram.

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