Wellness Packages in Rishikesh

wellness packages in rishikesh

15 days wellness packages in rishikesh of living in ecstasy in ethnically designed cottages made of the purest natural material, aligning yourself to the cosmic geometry and becoming and truly feeling an extension of the universe with morning and evening Yoga sessions amidst pure nature with the roar of the river Ganges and chipping of the birds, and giving yourself a connect with your higher self in special evening meditation sessions to evolve to higher level of your existence as a human.

Param Ananda Wellness Pacakge in Rishikesh– Experiencing Pure Bliss 15 Days & 14 Nights

Imagine watching the rains from your balcony while having a morning tea, the touch of the clouds coming in to your room while you lie on your bed for an afternoon nap…..Waking up with chipping of birds and sleeping with the roar of the wild river Ganga flowing nearby…..

What special in wellness packages in rishikesh offer by Yogada Starting your day with a hike in the adjacent reserve forests of Himalayan foothills and excursions to the highly energized & vibrated temples on the mountain tops and along the holy river Ganga to become receptive and feel pure vibes created by Yogis, Rishi’s & pilgrims coming to the area since time immemorial in search of peace and pure bliss.

Taking the day with Soft Asana classes & Going deep within with special Sattya Yoga sessions to address the deeper dimensions of yoga through rare meditation, relaxation and higher awareness sessions….

Pampering your body with special Ayurveda Massages & treatments with special Himalayan herbs freshly collected from the adjacent reserve forest and eating yogic food designed for you and made of organic supplies coming from the high Himalayan regions.

Come and experience silence amidst the sound of nature and make yourself still to dive deep within to explore your higher self and get connected, in order to transform and evolve to much higher level connecting to your soul and the universe to truly become one with it……Best Wellness Packages in Rishsikesh

Come and widen your inner world on this special Yoga and wellness Package in Rishikesh India at Yogada in the Himalayas – A Ashram retreat to live the ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda …….

 Param Ananda: Pure Eternal Bliss – Your Birth right as a human wellness packages in rishikesh

Top Wellness Packages in Rishikesh India

Our Best Yoga & wellness Packages in Rishikesh India – Param Ananda – A 15 days & 14 nights complete rejuvenation program, trying some of the time tested ancient Indian techniques of being fit and trying to make one step ahead to expand our consciousness and live a blissful life. Come & explore a new world of …….

Param Ananda – Yoga & wellness Packages in Rishikesh Includes

14 nights Stay in ethnically designed Air Conditioned cottages with attached bathrooms with running hot Water, comfortable beds and top  Quality linen.

Meals during Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh:

All meals during the stay (14 Breakfasts+ 14 Lunches + 14 Dinners ).
Organically grown in the high Himalayas, hygienically cooked and spiritually vibrated.
Morning & evening Herbal teas with unlimited use of mineral water.

Activities during Wellness Packages in Rishikesh:

Shudhi Session – Sacred fire for body & mind cleansing as per the Vedic style. Daily
Hawan – Sacred fire for invocation of representative deities of five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether
to purify Body, Mind & Soul. 3 times
Session with Guru yogi and identifying your body type and doshas, defining your activities and meals as per your body type
Daily morning class ( 90 minutes each ) of covering different dimensions of yoga, Including Asana, special sessions Self-awareness
kriyas & mediation for higher Consciousness.
Daily evening class (90 minutes each) covering Pranayama, Kriyas, & Dhayna (Mediation) with special transformation sessions.
Rare Treatment of Nabhee shodhan and alignment of your body. Once
01 Ayurveda Massage every day (Total 12)
01 Ayurveda Treatment every day, using rare Himalayan Herbs (Total 12)
Daily contemplating Nature walks in the surrounding reserve forests of the area.
River side / forest meditation. 6 Times
Visit to spiritually vibrated place in the area / Ganga. Thrice
One Village walk to the nearby villages to have a close encounter of the settlement pattern, dress & life style of local villagers in the area.
Use of Gaurikund – Pool with fresh stream water pool.

 Our Wellness Packages in Rishikesh – Param Ananda  – USD Tariff

Options you can take On Twin Sharing Basis – USD On Single Occupancy Basis- INR Government Taxes
Twin Sharing Cosy Cottages 2699 Per Person 1,99,99 12%
Single Occupancy Cosy Cottages 3333 Per Person 2,39,99 12%
Single Occupancy Lux Cosy Cpttages 3399 Per Person 2,69,99 12%

Special Discounts on the wellness packages rishikesh : We would really like you to be with us to experience and appreciate our efforts of bringing the ancient Indian super science of wellness with wisdom. Please e mail us your month/ date of travel in order to give you the best special invitational offers available for those dates.




Yogada – In the Himalayas

An Ashram Retreat at the base of the Himalayan foothills on the banks of the holy Ganges, little upriver from Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga. Sattya Yoga – a unique brand of knowledge conceived by the yogis in the Himalayas for centuries, is practiced here to uplift one’s self to experience pure wellness and bliss .
Come and explore a new world with in ….



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