Teachers Training Program YTTC 300 Hours 2024

Month 1st Batch
Date of Starting
2nd Batch
Date of Starting
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July  1st July 16th  July  Open for Booking


Indian Student Fee
Option A Triple Sharing 55,000 Rs 12% Tax
Option B Twin  Sharing 77,000 Rs 12% Tax
Option C Single Occupancy 99,000 Rs 12% Tax
Foreign Student Fee
Option B Twin Sharing 1399 USD 12% Tax
Option C Single Occupancy 1699 USD 12% Tax

Intensive 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Activities: 300 hours YTTC – 21 Day 20 Night


Know Your Body

Anatomy – The Medical Science way
The Comic Body – Deeper Understanding of Prana & Cosmic body


Know your Body – Ayurveda Way 

Understanding Doshas and how Yoga can help to cure doshas.

3  Know the Rituals –

Hawan & Cleansing Rituals as per vedic Knowledge with knowledge and recitation of different mantras for different god & Goddess / Occasions.


 Know the Mantras –

Detailed descriptions of Mantra and study of their effects on Body, Mind & Soul.

       5  Cleansing – Study & practice of different cleansing Kriyas ( techniques)

 Asana :

A:  A detailed study Knowing and practicing the Asana the Hatha Way – The Authentic and traditional way.
B:  Vinyasa : Introduction and practice of Asana the vinyasa flow way.

7  Pranayama – Detailed study and practice of different Pranayamas
8  Meditation – Practice of different meditation techniques.
9  Mudras & Bandhas – Physical Gestures & Closures – Study and practice of Mudras
10  Yogic Philosophy – Detailed study of Primitive Yoga philosophy in today’s context
11  Know your Books: Study on the different knowledge available in the books detailed study of Hath Yog Pradipika.
12  Practicum. 
13  Indian Classical Music Tutorials 
14  Sessions on Indian Yogic Food Cooking.
15  Spiritual Discourses on Ancient Indian Knowledge of Wisdom – Vedas with important Gurus in the areas.
16  Visit/ Excursions/ trekking to vibrated places, temples and ashrams. 
17  Starting & Preparing for the day. 
18  The Himalayan Healing Touch.
19  Deeper Dimension of Yoga
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