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200 hours Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh India

1st January & 1st February 2021

Yogada in the Himalayas – An Ashram retreat on the banks of the Ganga at the foothills of the Himalayas offers a unique opportunity to take unique 21 days 200 hours Yoga Teacher training course this January & February 2021 only, at the lowest price ever in the light of corvid to make best use of the time with a life changing experiences at very affordable prices.

The accommodation in the Ashram is in ethnically designed cottages spread over a big orchard on the banks of the roaring Ganga, making it an ideal destination ashram in COVID times.

200 hours Yoga Teachers training course is designed for seekers in India, who wish to become a yoga teacher sometime, as the course empowers you to teach Yoga globally in any part of the world.

This course is a must for working professionals in today’s fast going life who are looking for a complete transformation addressing health, happiness and peace which will make them more efficient at work.

Work from nature while learning yoga: Professionals can also work from the Ashram during this unique course 200 hours Yoga Teachers training course in January & February 2021 only.

The Ashram has a nice airy & sunny working lounge with a great view of the mountains, office tables, printers & fast internet.

Give yourself a special gift in this new year 2021. Come and grab this once a lifetime opportunity and give your life a new dimension and evolve to the highest level of existence in life as a human.

50 Hour Yoga in Rishikesh
Yoga in Rishikesh
  • Triple Sharing

  • 33,999

    • Option A – Students Special 
    • On Triple Sharing Basis
    • When you share the Room with Two more students
    •  INR 33,999 Per Person 
  • Book
  • Twin Sharing

  • 39,999

    • Option B – Standard
    • On Twin Sharing Basis (Non Ac)
    • When you share the Big Room with One more student 
    • INR  39,999 Per Person 
  • Book
  • Single Occupancy

  • 69,999

    • Option C – Deluxe
    • On Single Occupancy Basis
    • When you have the room/Cottage for yourself only
    • INR 69,999 Per Person
  • Book

---------------- Yoga Curriculum ----------------

1  Know Your Body
2  Know your Body – Ayurveda Way
3 Know the Rituals –
4 Know the Mantras –
5 Cleansing – Study & practice of different cleansing Kriyas ( techniques)
6  Asana 
7 Pranayama – Detailed study and practice of different Pranayamas
8 Meditation – Practice of different meditation techniques.
9 Mudras & Bandhas – Physical Gestures & Closures – Study and practice of Mudras
10 Yogic Philosophy – Detailed study of Primitive Yoga philosophy in today’s context
11 Know your Books: Study on the different knowledge available in the books detailed study of Hath Yog Pradipika.
12 Practicum.
13 Indian Classical Music Tutorials
14 Sessions on Indian Yogic Food Cooking.
15 Spiritual Discourses on Ancient Indian Knowledge of Wisdom – Vedas with important Gurus in the areas.
16 Visit/ Excursions/ trekking to vibrated places, temples and ashrams.
17 Starting & Preparing for the day.
18 The Himalayan Healing Touch.
19 Deeper Dimension of Yoga

Read More Yoga Curriculum

The YTTC 200 hours Package Cost Includes:

1. Comfortable accommodation for 21 Nights in ethnically designed rooms at Yogada as per the option taken during the entire course.
2. All vegetarian Organic meals during the entire course.
3. YTTC 200 hours as per the syllabus & Curriculum ( Attached)
4. Special Activities in the Ashram Retreat
6. Certification of 200 hours of YTT Course after the completion of the program.

The cost Does not Include:

1. The cost does not include 12% of GST Taxes, which has to be paid only at the time of check-in upon arrival.
2.There is an expression of gratitude to the lower staff which is just USD 1 per day and has to be paid at the time of check-in upon arrival which will total to 27 USD

3. Travel to & from Yogada. Our associate travel co. will be happy to arrange the same on best rates as per your requirements.
Please mail to – Garhwal Himalayan Explorations Pvt. Ltd. E Mail: Info@rishikesh.in

4. Items of personal nature e.g. laundry, tabled drinks, travel & medical insurance, services in unforeseen circumstances.
Items of personal nature e.g. laundry, tabled drinks, travel & medical insurance, services in unforeseen circumstances.