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By Mountain Monk
Shaktipat is a Vedic Indian tradition of initiation, where a Guru intimates a disciple or seeker by empowering him / her by transmitting cosmic energy . In Shktipat Guru is just instrumental in the process of transferring energy.

Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word made of Shakti – the energy & Pat – which means fall and refers to transmission of spiritual energy from a deity to a person or persons in a group.

Saktipat can be experienced in different powers which can vary in effects one is getting. Mostly its like watching the mirror. You get the effects mostly according to the mental & physical state you are in . Persons or seekers who are soft, sattvic and easy going get the most effective shaktipat and on the contrary the person or seeker who is tamsic, difficult and arrogant gets the mild shaktipat.
Shaktipat can be experienced in India in some Ashrams with authentic Gurus.

शक्तिपात – Shaktipat: An Ancient Indian Tradition of Initiating Empowerment & self-realization.

One of the best ashrams at foothills of the Himalayas is Yogada in the Himalayas. Yogada is peacefully located 9 kms up river from Rishikesh on the banks of the roaring Ganga River in shvpuri village. One can attend short or long Yoga courses, wellness retreats and Yoga teacher training courses.

At Yogada in the Himalayas in Rishikesh, healing is part of all the courses and retreats.

Yoga Courses

33 Hours level -1  Yoga & Meditation Course

66 Hours level -2  Yoga & Meditation Course

99 Hours Level -3  Yoga & Meditation Course

Yoga Teacher Training courses

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Wellness Retreats

Atam Shuka3 Nights & 4 Days wellness retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda.

Atam Shuka6 Nights & 7 Days wellness retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda.

Atam Shuka9 Nights & 10 Days wellness retreat with Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda.

Sound healing with different instruments which is also a kind of passive  mild shaktipat by the teacher or the performer sending the sound energy waves to the seeker and finally healing him /her.

ध्वनि स्नान : एक प्राचीन भारतीय चिकित्सा परंपरा Sound Healing : An Ancient Indian Healing System

In Mild Shaktipat with modern instruments a guru also cleanses the energy in the seeker. This healing process not only turns negative energy in to positive energy and enhances the Aura of a person or seeker. This process is called Aura cleansing or Chakra balancing.

Popular schools of Yoga now not only talks about chakras but use this process address many physical and emotional issues & healing the seekers.  Some of the powerful healers now claim to cure most of the deasses through this process including cancer of different types.

Brain Wave Relaxation Therapy with Sound Healing An Ancient Indian relaxing System modern tools.

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