The hidden Science Simplified.
From Understanding, Awakening & Implementation

A new world is on its way ?????? Face it and steer it your in favour understanding the 4th dimension of Kundalini ……………….

Today we are living in a world which was never like this, demanding more physical, emotional & psychological immunity to not only survive but make us stronger & to grow more healthier & successful like never before.

The science of living with nature and its forces what we toady call unified field in today’s science, was discovered hundreds of years back in India & to give it the practical dimension they summarized it in other discipline what they called Kundalini.

Since time immemorial Kundalini was a hidden power with Yogis in these part of the Himalayas for transforming their lives to the highest level of existence as a human being & giving their life a purpose as well as address the deeper dimensions of life.

Kundalini is all about activating the hidden energy centres in our body and each of them is connected or represent one of the forces around us in the Universe. And it does not only activate the energy but to help us live making the best use of these resources available to us in abundance & that too unconditionally.

Come to find a new world with in, to activate the inner powers & energies to adapt to a new world we are living in today, using primitive Kundlani science – the essence of immortality.

For the first time, Yogada in the Himalayas at Rishikesh brings you Intense 6 days online workshop to not only understand but make a strong base to practice and create magic in your life.

Starting in October the strongest time for the feminine energy to be realised & manifested from Monday to Saturday
Central European Time: 0600 PM
British Summer Time: 0500 PM

India Time: 09:30 PM

To make is personalized Only 33 seats are there. Do not miss the opportunity to learn and not only transform yourself but teach others to bring magic in your & their life. Starting

19th till 23th December 2020…….

Rajee Ba – A scientist turned Yogi will be your companion on this special journey.
A journey from the self, through the self & to the self. A Journey where the journey itself is the destination.

Wisdom & Energy Exchange :  ‎ 99
The Cost Includes:
Daily online sessions from Monday to Friday
Course explanations and material online.
Certification of the course from Yogada – An internationally recognised school for Yoga.
Special Deeksha Shakipath (Kundalni Transmission) Physically whenever you come to the Ashram in person.

Day 01

Initiation to Sattya Yoga & Kundalni.
Downloading the Cosmic energy.
Understating the energy Body.

Day 02

Understanding the Cosmic body with in us with special emphasis to Nadis Junctions

Day 03

Understanding the elevation of Kundalini and transformation of
Understanding & practice of primitive Kriyas to elevate the kundalini.

Day 04

Understanding – who am I from the Vedic perspective & practice of primitive Kriyas to elevate the
Understanding & practice of primitive Kriyas to elevate the

Day 05

Practice Kriyas for elevating energy.
Understanding controlling the energy with different techniques.
Meditation & expressions of Gratitude.

Day 06

Practice & fine-tuning.
With an expression of gratitude.
Question & Answers
Final prayers & closing mediation.

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About the course:

  1. All the sessions will be online on Zoom Meeting, which you can download with the following links.
  2. Once booked we will be sending you the detailed confirmations.
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 “Life Changing “

I found myself in a situation of change for the world that made me know Rajee and Seema in a different way, therefore I can say that they are teachers not only in classes but in life, that they are really good people and what they preach they practice.

They taught me many things, among them to practice this science, you can continue with your obligations, with your life, because what they teach you are tools to be better humans in different scales and that you can do it from anywhere or with whatever lives brings.

I am infinitely grateful to them and to all those who were part of this great experience in my life, so that I recommend this course or any activity organized by Rajee and Seema because I know that comes from pure hearts.

Now I understand more why I chose them! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your toughness, your love and your humanity. I hope to see you soon 🙂

Review by Erika Paul
from Mexico
April 12, 2020

“Magical experience”

A Great experience!

I’m really grateful I chose this course.

A beautiful way to learn traditional yoga & Kundalini.

Speacial thanks to Guru Rajeev and Guru Seema! They make this place magic!

All teachers have wide experience and knowledge, they have a professional and at the same time, nice and comforting, way of teaching.

All teachers are dedicated and passioned, yoga is their lifestyle. The lessons I learned went beyond my expectations and I am sure this kind of teachings you cannot find everywhere. If you are looking for an authenting yoga & Kunaldini experience, here is the place!

All my love and respect to Yogada team! ❤️

Review by Valentina Condruz
from Hungary
December 31, 2019

“Best time of my life”

I learned SO much during my course with Yogada.

Rajee taught us many pranayamas and meditation techniques I’ll carry for the rest of my life, and during his classes I’ve experienced a deep connection with myself. Seema is surely passionate about yoga’s philosophy

Finally, people I met here will stay forever in my heart. I feel completely blessed.

Review by Monique Cruvinel from France
November 18, 2019

Why This course…………

This ancient knowledge of India is taken very seriously by the fast growing materialistic world after they have not only lived the fast modern & materialistic life little ahead of us but have seen and been through the repercussions of it with many health problems, falling relations, and mainly psychosocial & emotional problems, making their lives not only miserable but reaching a point of no return.

Human life as per the Indian system is not a mere accident, but a special event in the life of your soul, with an opportunity to make it better for future life and at the same time addressing the deeper dimensions of life with Who you are ??? What is purpose of your life on earth etc.

This course not only awaken the hidden energy junctions & channels in your body, increase the physical and psychological immunity, but also connects you to your higher self to make you driven & guided by the universe and make you reach the point you are destined for.

The course is must for professionals, working ladies & men, creative artists & programmers, and especially those who are looking for intuitive ideas and creative cosmic zones which normally are not accessible.

The idea to make the course prices very nominal & equivalent to our normal days 01 physical 90 minutes session, is the special times the world is going through with movement restrictions, flattened economy, & limited resources due to Covid -19 . There a need to purify the cosmic consciousness which we all can do it with our collective consciousness. Once purified the world will become brighter & better place for us and the generations to come.

In the end the course is not about becoming a Yogi but to implement this wisdom to our day to day life to be more healthy, immuned, energised, efficient and be driven.

Come join me on this special journey of a seeker’s sharing and create magic in your life ………..

Rajee Ba

Payment Gateway Password:  Username – rishikesh   | Password –  yoga@2020

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